Who is Sam?



I’ve done many jobs, including a barmaid, call centre worker, forensic scientist and a civil servant. These days I’m a freelance writer and the science editor for Jump! magazine, an online publication that aims to inspire, educate and entertain kids. I have two children and I’m passionate about science, reading and music. I also love dyeing my hair bright colours!

My articles for Jump! proved so popular with adults as well as children and teens that I started this site to share all the interesting and exciting science that I can find. Please feel free to comment and ask questions as much as you like, I want this site to reflect your scientific interests as well as mine.


  1. I love your science website!! Also your sister is my teacher!? Whenever I’m bored o always love to look at your website and jump mag articles too!

    1. Thank you Esther, it’s good to hear that you enjoy my work so much! 🙂 Science is fascinating and I’m glad you like it too.

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