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How to make science child-friendly This explains why Sam began writing for children, and how she makes her articles easy to understand.

The neuroscience of the teenage brain Teens sleep late, value their peers’ opinions over their parents’ and take a lot of risks. But it’s not their fault – it’s their brain.

The truth about foodbanks How do foodbanks work and who uses them?

How do you explain mental illness to children? Physical illness is fairly easy to explain, but how do you talk to children about mental illness?

How do we encourage girls in STEM careers? With children’s toys and books more gendered than ever, Sam looks at how to bust those stereotypes and encourage girls’ interest in STEM subjects.

Meeting Major Tim Peake Sam attended the British astronaut’s final press conference in the UK before his flight to the International Space Station.

Ban high heels and wedges for children A child’s foot isn’t fully formed until approximately 18 years of age, and wearing heeled footwear before then can cause irreversible damage.

#PrettyCurious workshop at the Science Museum Sam was invited to attend one of the launch events for the EDF Energy campaign to interest more girls and young women in STEM subjects.

Jump! magazine Sam has also written numerous science articles for the online children’s magazine.