1.5 billion pixels of stars

The Andromeda galaxy. Photo credit: NASA/ESA
The Andromeda galaxy. Image: NASA/ESA

The Hubble telescope has been photographing space for 25 years, but one of its latest images is beyond breathtaking. The photograph of the Andromeda galaxy contains an incredible 1.5 billion pixels; to put that into perspective, most computer monitors display less than 2 million pixels. But don’t despair, because in order to see this incredible image in full you just need to go to the Hubble website, where you can zoom in and see up to 100 million stars.

The Andomeda galaxy is one of the only galaxies in our area that has more mass than our own. It contains an estimated trillion stars, and as large and detailed as this image is it only shows a section measuring 40,000 light years across. The entire galaxy is believed to measure between three and five times bigger than this.

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